GEO has fought for decades for the important rights and benefits in our contract, including caps on hours worked, sick leave, and job security. To learn more about the contract see our Contract Highlights document or read the full contract.

Contract Achievements


What We Got

How We Got It

  • First healthcare benefits
  • 8% raise
  • Non-discrimination clause
One month walkout: Members approved job action with a 689-193 vote; 50% of undergrads joined the picket line
  • First tuition waiver (<50%, for 0.5 fractions)
  • First dental benefitsRequired department training
  • 10% raise over 2 years
Grassroots organizing where stewards became the backbone of the union, dues were collected by hand, and one-on-one conversations kept members in the loop
  • 100% tuition waiver (for 0.5 fractions)
Rallies with 300 members in attendance, leading to a walkout authorization
  • Healthcare benefits maintained after University threatens to end them
  • 9% raise over 3 years
Walkout authorized after the University threatened healthcare benefits
  • Childcare subsidy
  • Workplace harassment grievance procedure
One-day walkout to win childcare subsidy
  • Transgender healthcare coverage
Special conference procedure
  • 13.2% raise over 3 years to match cost of attendance
  • Full tuition waiver for .237+ fractions
  • Healthcare for all fractions
  • Same-sex partner healthcare coverage
Rally with 300 members and Grade In with 150 members

Two-day walkout authorized, but only one day needed as the University conceded on wage demands

  • Maintained zero-premium healthcare
  • Zero-premium dental for all fractions
  • Lactation accommodations
  • Centralized disability accommodations office and fund
Members ran a sustained pressure campaign with rallies, marches, and high attendance at bargaining sessions
  • 10.3% raise over 3 years
  • International GSI hard hours cap
  • Compensated diversity, equity, and inclusion GSSA positions
Grade In and Sit In with 300+ members at each, walkout authorized

A copy of these contract achievements are also available in a PDF.