GEO Ratifies New Contract!

Solidarity Letters!

During our recent strike, labor allies wrote to all of us to express solidarity.
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“U-M should stop impeding negotiations, include the 12-month funding plan in its talks with GEO, and bargain in good faith toward a fair contract that ensures affordability and dignity for all graduate workers”

Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters

“…we deplore the University’s attempt to use the courts to force our fellow union members in GEO back to work.”

The All Campus Labor Council at the University of Michigan

President Ono and Provost McCauley … have access to email lists and UM Media outlets (such as the University Record) that have been used to mischaracterize the negotiations … and trivialize the graduate students’ proposals for livable wages and healthy work conditions.

American Friends Service Committee

“They cannot make ends meet on the salary U-M pays them. Year after year, some of the most talented students we admit turn us down due to the low stipends we can offer.”

U-M Department of Comparative Literature

“… we know that graduate students’ working conditions are undergraduates’ learning conditions … GEO is fighting for changes that would significantly improve learning outcomes across campus by making graduate workers safe and secure in their jobs.”

Shawn Fain

International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW)

We know that these workers work far more hours than they are paid for. Instead of continuing to line administrators’ pockets with sky-rocketing salaries, the University of Michigan should do the right thing and pay its graduate workers the living wage they deserve.

Fred Hahn

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario

For months, members participated actively in open bargaining while we worked together to negotiate our new contract.
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On August 25th, GEO members voted to ratify our new contract, with 97% voting for ratification. This officially ends GEO's historic, 146-day strike for affordability and dignity. The 9-month campaign involved thousands of workers at every step of the way: from the platform development process, to the fight for open bargaining, to the strike, and the final weeks of discussion around the settlement. It was this deep, democratic process, which went beyond mere voting, that led to the strong feelings of unity and consensus throughout the campaign, typified in the overwhelming strike vote and now the overwhelming vote for ratification.
At a mass meeting attended by nearly 500 people on Thursday, August 10, grad workers voted to respond to the Administration's August 2 offer with a counter pushing for more gains. The meeting capped off a week of discussion, in which over 300 members participated in 32 department meetings, more than 14 working group meetings, and multiple, multi-hour sessions to discuss the August 2 offer and determine how we should respond.