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Effective at 12:00am on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, GEO membership has authorized a strike for a safe and just campus for all. Please follow our social media for more frequent updates!

If you are a U-M graduate student and/or GEO member, please check your email for more information from GEO (set up a filter to ensure you receive our emails) and from your department stewards; please email with any questions.

What are we striking for?

GEO is striking for a safe and just campus for ALL of us. You can read our full demands here or at

If you are an undergraduate student, you can learn more about how the strike affects you and your role at

How can you pitch in?

  1. Don’t cross the picket line: Withhold your academic labor, either as a GSI/GSSA or in solidarity. This includes teaching class, attending class, performing research, and more. (Please note that attending #ScholarStrike teach-ins or other events is not crossing the picket line!)
  2. Join a picket line – either physically distanced in-person, or virtual. All are welcome! Sign up at
  3. Join our daily virtual teach-ins from 12-1pm at


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