At a general membership meeting this evening, members of the Graduate Employees Organization – AFT Local 3550 overwhelmingly voted to commit to a plan of nonviolent action – up to and including participation in a general strike – in the event that Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of the election. Our organization is firmly committed to the principles of democracy, which extend far beyond the ballot box. Though these principles are invoked frequently in the United States, they are much more rarely put into practice. We call for every vote cast in this election – both in the state of Michigan and across the country – to be duly counted. Our organization stands firmly in opposition to any attempt to subvert the outcome of the election, be it through blatantly illegal means or through judicial maneuverings. 

GEO is committed to working with our allies in the community and in the labor movement to fight for and protect democracy.  We encourage our sibling unions and our neighbors to join us in this fight. Should Donald Trump attempt to steal or undermine election results, we will see you in the streets.

GEO Statement on Contested Election