The following offer was sent by Democratic Board of Regents members to GEO President Jared Eno on August 2, 2023. The offer is “exploding” in that it would be withdrawn if GEO members did not ratify the proposal by August 4 at 5 PM. Given the complexities of a contract that affects thousands of graduate student workers, on August 3, GEO members voted overwhelmingly to initiate a week-long discussion period to discuss the merits and limitations of the Regents’ proposal.

On Salary: The offer is a significant step toward a living wage because it codifies year-round funding for PhDs and increases wages for Ann Arbor Graduate Student Instructors by 20% over the life of the contract. The proposal also leaves many behind: Ann Arbor Doctor of Music Art (DMAs), Dearborn and Flint PhDs, and doctoral students beyond their initial funding package will not receive guaranteed year-round-funding. The Regents’ proposal pays GSIs in Flint and Dearborn significantly less and thus increases inequity across the three campuses over the course of the contract.

  • Flint GSIs:
  • Year 0: $20,416
    Year 1: $22,318
  • Year 2: $24,397
  • Year 3: $26,670
  • Dearborn GSIs:
  • Year 0: $24,055
  • Year 1: $24,897
  • Year 2: $25,768
  • Year 3: $26,670
  • Ann Arbor GSIs:
  • Year 0: $24,055
  • Year 1: $25,979
    • With Rackham: $38,969
  • Year 2: $27,538
    • With Rackham: $41,307
  • Year 3: $29,190
    • With Rackham: $43,785

As of 8/4, graduate student workers are undertaking a week of discussion to decide next steps in regard to this offer.

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UM Offer: Exploded

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