We write as the graduate student membership of the Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO), AFT-MI Local 3550, AFL-CIO at the University of Michigan to stand in solidarity with academic workers facing professional and academic retaliation within the University of California system.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Graduate Employees’ Organization 3550 August 29, 2023 Contact:  Lina Alam, GEO […]
According to GEO President Jared Eno, “members’ decision to authorize the bargaining team to reach a tentative agreement reflects the major gains we’ve won in this campaign. With an effective 80% raise, harassment protections for all grad workers, and new benefits for parents, international students, and transgender workers, members are finally seeing months of striking and hard work pay off.”
At bargaining on July 13th, the 40th negotiation session between GEO and the administration, grad workers came ready to make movement with proposals related to workload (combined appointments), healthcare, international GSIs, and workplace disability accommodations. After a brief caucus with members, the Bargaining Team introduced proposals which would cap annual out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs ($750/individual or $1500/family), doctor visits ($750/individual or $1500/family), and mental health care ($100/individual or $200/family). After receiving the four package proposals from the Bargaining Team, the University’s team declined to pass any offers of its own and the session was ended.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Graduate Employees Organization 3550  March 28, 2023Contact: Amir Fleischmann, contractchair@geo3550.org, (734) […]
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