Over 2,400 grad students have signed the petition, “Graduate Students United for Affordability and Wellbeing,” to call for affordability and dignity for all grad workers! Come participate in the incoming bargaining sessions!

“We, the graduate students at the University of Michigan, work hard, often for very long hours, to provide students with a high-quality educational experience, to produce cutting-edge research, and lend our expertise to organizations of all types. Despite the value that we bring to U-M, many of us are facing issues with underpay, overwork, and/or mistreatment within our departments. Many of us cannot make ends meet on our regular salaries, especially when considering the costs that arise in our day-to-day lives, such as medical costs, childcare, and travel to name a few. All graduate students, regardless of immigration status, disability status, department, program, or family size, deserve a living wage and a workplace free of harassment and discrimination that prioritizes their general wellbeing.


Join thousands of your colleagues in the fight for a fair wage and equitable conditions!