Become a Member

The most important way you can support GEO is by becoming a member. A large membership has allowed GEO to achieve major contract achievements over the past four decades. Being a member allows you to participate in the organization’s democratic processes, such as voting on bargaining priorities and contracts. Signing a GEO membership card authorizes dues to be deducted from your paycheck when you are employed as a GSI or GSSA.

Pay Solidarity Dues

During semesters you are not employed as a GSI or GSSA, you can also support GEO by paying Solidarity Dues. All graduate students and many other employees at the University of Michigan benefit from the strong contract GEO has negotiated over the past several decades. Solidarity Dues allows GEO to continue to fight for a more equitable campus community.

Get Involved

In addition to being a member and paying dues, there are many ways to participate in your union. Volunteers do almost all the work of negotiating and enforcing our employment contract and advocating for a more equitable university for graduate workers and students. Find out more about the ways you can be involved in GEO.

Join our Allies List

We have many allies all over campus and we always strive to keep you informed. Sign up to receive periodic emails we send to our allies email list.