Hello, GEO members and friends!  We wanted to highlight a few ongoing campaign projects keeping us busy since the end of last year’s contract campaign, and to let you know what we need help with if you want to get involved over the summer.

DEI GSSA Committee

Several departments are contributing to the expansion of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) GSSA effort by asking their own departments to fund GSSAs. The DEI Core Committee is holding Open Workshops at the GEO office at 3pm on Monday, June 19th, and Monday, June 26th to help folks troubleshoot, strategize, and share experiences with those in other departments. The Core team also put together a “Starter Kit” of resources to help individual departments get these efforts off the ground. If you’re interested in joining the Core Committee, or in staying abreast of department-level efforts through our member listserv, email deicommcore@geo3550.org.

The DEI Committee has started gauging interest for DEI GSSA positions, and in just two weeks we heard from more than 70 graduate students from across campus expressing interest! Fill out this form (you must be signed in to your umich account for access) and circulate it to your colleagues so we can communicate to administrators that students want these roles, and so that we can let you know when these roles become available!

Trans Health Committee

The Trans Health Committee has been meeting regularly over the summer in preparation for the special conference series with Academic HR that will begin in Fall 2017. At the special conferences, GEO and HR will have an opportunity to solve the problems around inadequacies in GradCare’s current coverage for transition-related services. GEO has been compiling a list of allies whose expertise might help sway HR, as well as researching other health plans. The Committee meets semi-regularly. If you are an interested ally who studies health disparities in marginalized groups and would be willing to speak in support of the committee at the special conferences, or if you are willing to help the committee gather data, please email denise@geo3550.org.

Parents Caucus

The Parents Caucus also secured a special conference series in the contract to address inefficiencies in the childcare subsidy application and disbursement process. If you are interested in joining the caucus, please email hanahsti@umich.edu. We will be preparing for the special conferences in late summer, and could use a pool of parents to attend the special conferences.

IGSI/Hours Committee

The International GSI Caucus and Hours Working Committees are hosting Hours Open Workshops every other Wednesday this summer from 3-5pm.  The workshops provide a space to discuss implementing a firm weekly cap in every department, including how to preempt hiring discrimination and labor shifting. Attendees will create strategic plans for their departments, so please reach out to your colleagues to join you for this meeting. The next workshops will be Wednesday, June 28, and Wednesday, July 123-5pm at the GEO office (339 E Liberty St).  If you are interested in working on this issue but are unable to attend, please contact elizabeth@geo3550.org.

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee is preparing for CRLT orientations for new GSIs at the beginning of next semester. We need more volunteers to present at these orientations (a great opportunity to practice your public speaking skills!) and we meet weekly at the GEO office on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30pm to practice.  We are also revamping a number of handouts and materials for new stewards, and welcome anyone who’d like to help work on that from afar. Contact denise@geo3550.org if you’d like to help with orientation.

North Campus BBQ

The North Campus Task Force is hosting a BBQ on the North Campus Diag on July 7th at 12pm and we need people from GEO to come represent us! Come for food at noon, stay and socialize until 2! We will also be talking about GEO to new grad students at several North Campus Department Orientations in the fall and will need volunteers to do these talks. If you’re interested, please contact northcampus@geo3550.org for more information.

We hope you’re enjoying the summer, and thanks for reading!
Newsletter: Summer Campaigns Update