Dear Members of the GEO Bargaining Unit:

You may have heard that the undergraduate group Students4Justice and other organizers have called for a university-wide Student Walk Out on Wednesday, November 29, at 11:45am, and a Student Strike on Thursday, November 30. If you teach during either of these times, some of your students may plan to participate. Generally speaking, it is the position of University Office of Academic Human Resources that GSIs should continue to teach any students who remain. Your supervisor may take a different position.

No University-wide policy forbids you from discussing the walkout with your students, although you may not require them to participate. If you do wish to discuss the walkout or the events leading to it, you can find details at the Walk Out Facebook page. You can also find relevant teaching materials in this Google Drive folder. If you are concerned that you may be punished for your response to the walk out, know that, under Michigan law, you have the right to have a union representative present in any meeting at which possible disciplinary action is discussed.

Please don’t hesitate to call (734-995-0221) or email ( if you have any additional questions about your rights or if you wish to request a representative. You are also welcome to reach out to CRLT at (734-764-0505) with any teaching-related questions.

Graduate Employees’ Organization

Resources for Walk Out