First Membership Meeting of the Term!

  • Come kick off Platform Development as we gear up to bargain next Fall
  • Get informed about how Right to Work has affected GEO
  • Update from UM Nurses on recent strike approval
  • Find out the different ways you can get involved and meet other GEO members
  • …and more!

Check out the the GMM Event page here.

GEO Stands with UM Nurses

University of Michigan nurses have overwhelmingly voted to authorize a work stoppage and GEO stands with them in solidarity.

“Our goal is a fair agreement which respects nurses and guarantees safe staffing,” said Katie Oppenheim, RN, chair of University of Michigan Professional Nurses Council. “The University can remedy this situation immediately, by stopping their unfair labor practices and bargaining in good faith.”

How can you get involved and stay informed?

Not Teaching This Term?


GEO is a labor union representing graduate student employees, yet many of the benefits we negotiate in our contract become the baseline for graduate student packages and are extended to graduate students even when they don’t teach. These include GradCare, tuition waivers, and annual raises. All graduate students benefit from GEO and have a vested interest in keeping our union strong. See your options for contributing solidarity dues in terms you do not teach!

Benefit Spotlight: GSI Substitution Policy

Replacement coverage: When a GSI needs replacement GSI coverage due to taking approved leave, including extra-contractual leave that is approved by the department, it is the ultimate responsibility of the department to either find and pay the replacement GSI, or pay the replacement GSI that has been identified by the GSI requiring a replacement. Which is to say, in practice, it’s ideal if possible for the GSI requiring a replacement to, at minimum, let the Lead Instructor and the Department know, and if possible, help them identify a replacement. Ultimately, though, so long as you notify the department of your absence, it is the department’s responsibility to find someone and to pay them for the replacement coverage. Many departments encourage an informal “trading” system of replacement coverage. You may engage in this if you wish, but ideally the department should be following the procedure outlined above.

Read about this and other benefits contained in your GEO contract here.

Text Alerts from Political Action Team

Soon GEO will begin utilizing text messaging technology called Hustle for some of our future organizing efforts, including providing electoral action information. This technology enables individual activists to have multiple, yet personalized conversations and to provide members updates and reminders in a format that many have identified as their preferred way to receive communications. We hope that you will find these text messages helpful. However if you receive a text from us and do not wish to receive more, you can opt out on the spot by simply texting back and stating that preference.

Many Ways to Get Involved

GEO is a member-run union powered by the volunteer efforts of its members. There are opportunities for members with all skills and availability to get involved. If you’re interested in any of the volunteer-run committees below, email the committee chair or check out the GEO calendar on our website or subscribe to the GEO events calendar to see when the committee is meeting next in our Liberty St. offices.

  • Organizing Committee (OC) – every other Wed at 10am, next meeting on Oct 3
  • Solidarity and Political Action Committee (SPAC) –  Wed at 12pm
  • Electoral Action Subcommittee (EAS) –  Wed at 1:30pm
  • Grievance – every other Fri at 1:45, next meeting on Oct 5
  • Platform Development –  Fri at 1pm
  • North Campus Task Force (NCTF) – every other Fri at 4pm, next meeting on Oct 5
  • Stewards Council (Stews) – every other Wed at 6pm, next meeting on Oct 10
  • Communications (Comms) – every other Mon at 3pm, next meeting on Oct 1
  • Trans Health –  Mon at 4pm
  • Disability – stay tuned!
  • Feminist Caucus – stay tuned!
  • Finance – ad hoc, email the Treasurer to get involved
Newsletter 9/27: General Membership Meeting on Wednesday…and other updates!