During the current student government elections, (Nov. 27-28) a question will appear on the Rackham Student Government ballot asking if graduate students wish to formally separate from the the unified Central Student Government in which graduate and undergraduate students work together and set up a separate graduate student government.

At GEO’s Nov. 16 General Membership meeting, members overwhelmingly voted (55-1) to oppose separation.

We encourage our members to use the link below and vote “no” on secession.  Log in (if necessary) then go to the RSG elections ballot–the third link down the page. The secession question will be at the bottom of the ballot. A “no” vote will keep RSG a part of Central Student Government, maintaining our ability to work together will all students on campus to present a unified voice to the administration.


Polls are open until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 28.

Why are we, the members of GEO opposing separation? Click below for more information on the proposal.

Why are we, the members of GEO opposing separation–what amounts to a secession from a unified Central Student Government?

1.      1. When graduates and undergraduates work together in a unified government, administrators are more responsive, when we speak with a divided voice, administrators can easily play us off against one another or ignore us.

2.       2. CSG has been much more supportive to needs of graduate students (and us as GEO) than RSG, therefore there is no need to reform the system

a.       Part of CSG student fee goes toward ($1 out of $7.19) child care subsidy. About 75 percent of this money comes from undergrads, but about 90 percent then goes to support grad parents. We get a good deal – secession would likely end up with grads having to pay for this subsidy directly.

b.      CSG committed an additional $35,000 last year to expanding child care services for currently ineligible individuals, RSG has contributed nothing to this.

c.       CSG has supported GEO contract campaigns in each of the last two cycles, RSG has not responded to our requests for support.

d.      CSG passed a resolution demanding administrators stop intimidating GRSAs who were organizing a union. RSG did not stand up to administration bullying.

e.      CSG has actively supported the Coalition for Tuition Equality, which has been lobbying Regents to improve access to education for undocumented residents. RSG has not been active on this issue.

f.        CSG has taken the lead in working with GEO and other groups on getting Google and UM to fix disability access problems in Google’s software. RSG’s president Michael Benson, sits on the Council for Graduate Students with Disability Issues, but he rarely shows up to meetings and has not advocated fixing the problems, according to other members of CGSDI.

g.       Graduate student groups are eligible to apply for CSG funds, there is no need to have a separate funding system

Vote No on Rackham separation from Central Student Government