Last night, the GEO Stewards’ Council voted to make an official endorsement for the 2013 Central Student Government and Rackham Student Government elections.

For Central Student Government, GEO endorses the ForUM slate, with Chris Osborne as the presidential candidate. Osborne and other members of the ForUM slate have shown support for campus labor organizations in the past, including GEO and LEO. They also support campus equity and social justice organizations, such as the Coalition for Tuition Equality, of which GEO is a member.

For Rackham Student Government, GEO endorses Ryan Roberts (Computer Science Engineering) and Dave Marvin (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.) These candidates pledge to work alongside GEO for the improvement of working conditions for graduate employees, and well as to support campus sustainability efforts and continue the cooperation between Central Student Government and Rackham Student Government.

Polls close tonight, March 28th for CSG elections and tomorrow, March 29th for RSG elections. Make sure to cast your ballot!

GEO Endorses ForUM for CSG and Roberts/Marvin for RSG