It’s been an incredibly long several weeks between the election, lame duck, and issues of academic freedom. In light of that, we wanted to share a couple of incredibly inspiring actions to uplift us all as we move into the break. GEO proudly stands in solidarity with students all over the world pursuing justice through political and job actions.


GEO expresses solidarity with public university students in Albania who have been protesting the government’s neoliberal education reforms of recent years. The protests began on Wednesday, December 5 with a walkout from University of Tirana buildings and a subsequent march to the Ministry of Education. The protests have continued since Wednesday with regional public university students in the cities of Shkodra, Vlora, Korça, Durrës, and Elbasan also staging their own walkouts. Students are demanding the government take immediate action against public university fee increases. While the Minister of Education has agreed to cancel the implementation of a new exam fee, they have not addressed the students’ demands to repeal tuition increases that began in 2014. Students will continue to protest over the weekend holiday and into next week until the government takes action to address tuition increases. #mestudentet #peruniversitetin


GEO expresses solidarity with TA’s and faculty at the University of North Carolina withholding grading labor in the pursuit of campus racial equity and safety. Though collective bargaining is banned (in part to divide white workers and workers of color) and they have no union to speak of, these brave individuals are resisting an administrative push to build a $5.3 million dollar structure to house a previously torn down confederate statue and efforts to hire more law enforcement to surveil protestors. This money would come straight from student fee increases, which is an incredible insult to students of color who would be forced to pay more to feel less safe on campus. TA’s and faculty are now withholding grades to fight back against a continuing legacy of exploitation of workers of color, and GEO is in strong support.  #StrikeDownSam

Read the call to strike and support the UNC Activists Fundrazr.

Student Organizing in Albania and North Carolina