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At last Thursday’s bargaining session (8/13), our bargaining team passed the request for randomized testing and openness about the University’s research modeling on the effectiveness of their safety measures. If we can’t know the University’s reasoning behind the decision to have an in-person semester, how can we know that employees are being kept safe? We believe that open communication about this is paramount.

While U-M rejected our proposal for a contractual, universal remote work option, productive discussions are continuing with Academic HR on this crucial subject, and we will fight to protect our members’ right to a safe workplace. As we understand from the University, most of our members’ requests for remote work are being accommodated. This means that GEO is in a good position to devote strong and individualized advocacy efforts towards addressing your concerns if your request has not been accommodated. We need to know if this is the case.

Per Article XI, Section G, no Employee will be required to act in a manner which constitutes a health or safety hazard in their employment relationship. If you are of the conviction that your in-person work assignment constitutes a health and safety hazard, then we take that very seriously, and we will avail these contractual measures to initiate efforts with HR on your behalf as soon as possible. Classes start in two weeks, which is a very limited timeframe. The sooner your concerns are brought forward, the better we can address those concerns quickly and effectively. 

Cases involving high risk health conditions and childcare needs are being prioritized, and international GSI’s are working remotely to the greatest extent possible. If you fall into one of these categories and your request for remote work has not been granted, please let us know and we will urgently advance your case to the greatest extent possible. And even if you aren’t at high risk, or have additional needs as either a parent or international student, we want to hear from you.

If you have concerns about your in-person/hybrid work assignment and would rather work remotely if you were given the option, then please fill out this form.

Impact Bargaining Update 8/18/2020