The Solidarity and Political Action Committee of GEO would like to express deep anger and disappointment at the recent judgement in the murder of Breonna Taylor by three policemen in her own home.

People of color, especially Black people, in this country have been shown time and time again that their lives do not matter. The state and the structurally racist society has shown incessantly that Black lives are mere numbers that keep adding to a statistic or become collateral damage in times of war and peace, in the war on drugs, and during a pandemic. The state in all its forms and institutions, the police, the judiciary, at every step demonstrate to its population that our lives do not matter. We at SPAC want to affirm that Black lives matter. We affirm their identities and names, they are not mere numbers that we will stand by and see stacked up one after another with no accountability, no justice. Within this year alone, to only name a few, with the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, the militarized police state only seems to be getting bolder. It continues to enjoy impunity from across institutions and centers of power, despite waves of protests and uprisings that it has seen from a people that are sick and tired of the unaccountability with which this racial capitalist state operates. 

For us at GEO SPAC, listening to another news of policemen being let off the hook for murder especially hits hard in light of our own struggle against a police department that not only let the policeman who shot and killed Aura Rosser in 2014, walk free but also promoted him. Our own recent 7 day strike and ongoing struggle to defund and demilitarize the campus police and for the university to cut ties with AAPD takes on a new significance in the light of this latest judgement where militarized police can walk off with impunity after murdering a Black woman inside her own home.

Statement on Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decisions