Grads started the day bright and early on Thursday, joining forces with labor siblings from the building trades to shut down the billion dollar Michigan Medicine pavilion construction site. Together, workers again showed the administration that we have the power to stop business as usual, and will do so until we win the contract we deserve. Allies from the nurses union brought cookies and an important reminder: as we fight for our own contract, we also set an important precedent for other unions around the university. The administration can’t intimidate any of us out of the fair contract we know we deserve.
Today (4/20/23), after the University of Michigan announced plans to withhold pay from the April paychecks of striking Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs), University President Santa Ono sent campus police to shove graduate workers who were picketing in front of his SUV. One graduate worker was violently shoved onto the ground. Two graduate workers were detained and released after striking workers and bystanders surrounded police and demanded the picketers' release.
For immediate release News from Graduate Employees Organization 3550  April 20, 2023 University Administration Moves to […]
For immediate release News from Graduate Employees Organization Local AFT 3550 April 10, 2023 Court Denies […]
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