The following offer was sent by Democratic Board of Regents members to GEO President Jared Eno […]
**Sign this open letter using this form!** January 24, 2023 We, the undersigned, stand with the […]
The Graduate Employees’ Organization of the University of Michigan (AFT Local 3550) stands in solidarity with […]
On March 7, nearly 100 grads and undergrad allies took the streets during President Ono's inauguration to protest the University's lack of serious counters. The action came hot on the heels of grads filing Unfair Labor Practice charges against the University for bargaining in bad faith. This pattern continued on Friday, as HR called a living wage for grad workers "exorbitant" and went to the mat to defend ableist policies. Meanwhile, Governor Gretchen Whitmer expressed her support for a living wage for grad students.
Following a Winter recess during which a contractual deadline for a tentative agreement passed, the Graduate Employees’ Organization (AFT-MI Local 3550) has filed Unfair Labor Practice charges against the University of Michigan for failing to bargain in good faith. The University has refused to provide information related to subjects of bargaining that it is legally required to share. Furthermore, U-M disregarded its legal duty to bargain with GEO over working conditions when it unilaterally changed its COVID policies on February 20, 2023. The legal charges come on the heels of a contractual March 1, 2023 deadline for a tentative agreement that the University made no serious effort to honor.
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