Bargaining was eventful today, though interrupted by COVID-19 news. Despite that, the GEO Bargaining Team had many productive conversations and will continue to negotiate with the HR Team through the University closure.

We received some very good news regarding the timeline for grievances related to sexual harassment and misconduct. The University gave us significant movement on this issue, allowing GSIs and GSSAs to file grievances related to sexual harassment and misconduct after the 40-day timeline that limits other grievances. This was due in no small part to difficult but thoughtful conversations with the University about our members’ distrust in current reporting procedures and the particular anxieties and challenges that face survivors of sexual harassment and misconduct.

The GEO Team has also had very productive conversations around our Trans Health proposals and we anticipate announcing some good news soon. We have valued the collaborative relationship we’ve established with HR as we have worked through these complex and important issues.

The GEO Team also presented counters on proposals related to clean and potable water, gender-inclusive restroom access, letters of recommendation, office space, and mental health co-pays. Our Team felt that we made significant headway in getting the University to understand the unique and complicated role we play as both students and employees, and how that complexity affects our contract.

Despite the postponed GMM, the Bargaining Team is excited to present more details on the substance of these conversations soon!

Bargaining Update 3/11/2020