GEO takes the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously, and is innovating ways to continue to organize while social distancing. Starting today, we are conducting a Virtual Sit-In as one of several online actions that will take place over the course of this week to further GEO’s bargaining campaign. This time of crisis highlights the need for strong worker protections including medical leave, family leave, job security, health care coverage, GSI training, and more. As graduate students across U-M work hard to transform their courses for online learning and to conduct their research from home, we all remain energized to protect our benefits as workers and enhance the contract going forward. Below are images of our virtual sit-in, and you can see more on our Facebook page and head to our Twitter account to see what our members have to say. [email with a photo you’d like added to this album]

Action Update 3/16/20: Virtual Sit-In