Today was the first virtual bargaining session for the GEO Bargaining Team and University HR. There were some kinks getting everything running smoothly, as many of you teaching class today likely also experienced. Even so, our team was able to make it through the entire agenda they set out for the day.

Importantly, the GEO Bargaining Team presented counter proposals to the HR team about protections and accommodations for workers with disabilities and about tuition waivers. The GEO Team also had a lengthy discussion with HR regarding our proposed language for a disarmed and demilitarized workplace.

Both teams strategized on how to continue making progress in bargaining once all parties begin working from home. We are looking forward to more productive virtual discussions on Wednesday. Thank you to the over 200 members who tuned into our virtual GMM tonight and participated in our democratic process. We are committed to keeping membership updated on the bargaining process and virtually involved in our contract campaign. 

Bargaining Update 3/16/20