HR responded disappointingly to several of our major proposals at Monday’s bargaining session. They walked back several proposals on hours protections for GSIs and are falling short of what we hope for on this issue. HR also rejected the team’s proposals for tuition and fee waivers. They continue to make insufficient progress on our proposals regarding sexual harassment protections, lowering of co-pays for mental health and physical therapy appointments, and cost of living wage increases.  

Despite this, the bargaining team made important progress on some of our key issues. The team received counterproposals regarding protections from termination and the team is successfully fighting continued HR proposals to weaken the job security of GEO members. HR agreed to improve trans healthcare with increased coverage of speech language and hormone therapies. Sick leave is also being expanded from three weeks to six weeks. The bargaining team presented these updates and more to GEO membership at our virtual General Membership Meeting. 

Bargaining Update 4/6/2020